Year 2 week 43 – 22 June 2015


Religion – Buddhism – A short history of the afterlife, Buddhist beliefs about suffering, The story of the Mustard Seed, Tibetan Buddhist beliefs about reincarnation, becoming a Monk, Buddhist prayer and meditation in a monastery , Buddhist view of karma,  terminal illness and assisted  suicide

PSHE – Alcohol , cannabis anti- legislation , cannabis pro- legislation, rights and responsibilities – caste system in an Indian school, the law – consumer rights, employment rights, use of child labour on Ghana cocoa farms, pts 1,2 & 3

Sport – Chepstow Harriers

Maths – Area of a circle and area of a sector, questions based on composite shapes

Spanish – Pronunciation


Music – Guitar

Maths – Algebra

English – Poetry analysis

Biology – Gaseous exchange and respiration

Memory – game to improve visual memory and recall

Scouts/Social/Sport – 6 mile bike ride


Maths – Alegbra

Politics – researching about the welsh assembly, what it is, what powers it has.

Home Ed picnic on steps of sendd as part of nation #wearenotinvisable campaign


Culture – A trip around India, looking at culture, economy, religion, education

Cat Behaviour – Cats behaving badly

English – Comprehension exercise

Maths – Algebra


Teacher Training Day

Social – Home Ed cinema Trip


Sport – Park run 5 k


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