Week 22 – 26th Jan 2103


Sport – run with his friend


Maths – Types of Angles

– Fractions – Subtraction with mixed numeral

English Word Weavers –  Sentences and Paragraphs

Science –  Dora O Brian science Video

Money – Modern money and All the money in the world

Physics – Saving Energy –  How to save energy, related exercises, used excel and produced a graph.   Found 10 items in the house and used the energy monitor to  see how much energy they used, then worked out how much it cost to run these appliances.

Music – Guitar Lesson

Sport – Tae kwando


Community  – visiting a pensioner and listening to her stories

Maths – Shapes

Nature – Inside an animals mind


Maths – Addition of improper fractions

History – Edwardian Farm

Science – Researching how a modern day Kiln works and building a working Kiln in minecraft.

DSC_0089Cookery/ chemistry – making Honeycomb, and looking at sugar and the chemical reaction when Bicarb of soda is added to the  toffee mixture.

Culture –  Chinese New year – Researching what animals we  all are, and what they mean.

English – Spelling Test

Biology – Animal Courtship

Citizenship – Law – The double jeopardy rule


History – Edwardian Farm

English – Essay – Assignment 5 from Word Weavers – planning

Maths – Approximation

Geography – Data presentation, and conclusion

RE – How the religions spread, and researched the two streams of Buddhism

Sport – Athletics Club


English – Essay – Assignment 5 from Word Weavers – writing

Biology – Growing bacteria in petri dishes, we made the agar using  seaweed, then chose 10 locations around the house to take the samples from.  These will now sit in a dark warm location for a week.

Natural History – Hidden Kingdoms – Forests

Chinese New Year – preparing a Chinese banquet food tea

Duck Pancakes with plum sauce, Vegetable Chow Mein, Sweet and sour prawns and broccoli, egg fried rice and crispy seaweed

Sign Language – Greetings

Maths – Fractions




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